(mt) Account Management

Extend Your Business
You will have a Technical Account Manager for regular business reviews, assessment of infrastructure health, and recommended optimizations.

Fast Problem Solving
Quickly resolving your technical issues alleviates the need for you and your team to spend time doing the diagnostics because we'll do this on your behalf. 

Easy Setup with New Products
Easy onboarding and setup with your Technical Account Manager means we'll architect the right workflow and product fit that is unique to your needs.

"A hard-working team behind the scenes that actually cares about its customers."

- Patrick Wilson, CTO, Longbeard Creative 

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(mt) Account Management provides a dedicated Technical Account Manager who acts as an extension to your business, providing proactive service and support for your unique needs.

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Technical Account Manager

One Point of Contact
You'll have the convenience of knowing your issue is being solved. There's no need to call in multiple times and talk with different people. We'll broker any communication with our support teams on your behalf. 

Technical Muscle
Our Technical Account Manager will act as an extension of your staff providing in depth technical and tactical expertise.