Media Temple and Craft

Solving for You

Your business. Your brand. Your strategy. Not things you want to leave to question.

For over 20 years, Media Temple has been dedicated to building and supporting the systems that keep your priorities online. Creative professionals, agencies, and businesses trust Media Temple because they know there’s someone who cares, watching their servers 24/7/365.

We see technologies come and go, but Media Temple embraces what’s proven to work. Whether it’s a revolutionary cloud platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or a sharp content management system like Craft, we’re there.

Bringing Experts Together

To help you utilize these platforms impactfully, Media Temple and Craft are working together to provide the best possible platform for your next big project.

Media Temple’s cloud team works with direct access to Craft’s engineers. So when you host Craft CMS on Media Temple’s Managed Services for AWS, you know you’re getting a cloud solution that’s optimized precisely for Craft, down to the smallest detail.

Crafting a Better Web

Craft CMS is an innovator in the world of content management systems. Because Craft makes no assumptions about what you’re building, developers don’t have to wrestle with the CMS and can focus on bringing designs to life. Whether you’re building a bespoke marketing site or a complex ecommerce solution, Craft allows you to intuitively build an exceptional digital experience.

Optimizing the Revolution

Projects on AWS gain reliable, resilient and affordable scalability. And Media Temple provides you with AWS-certified experts who can make the most of the cloud. So, your sites run fast, flawlessly, and securely on AWS, with a Media Temple team delivering engineering, account management, and unlimited 24/7 support.

Getting Your Interest?

Every project is unique, and we can customize a specific environment based on your goals and needs. So, we’d love to chat, give you the details on what we can do, and hear what you’re working on. With your team, Craft, and Media Temple together, we’re bound to take over the world.

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